Orbits, Traps, Gifts

This morning, I woke up to an unexpected review of my chapbook, written by Jenny Drai and published in Drunken Boat. Drai’s review of Burnout Paradise was vulnerable and very generous. I don’t think I can adequately express my gratitude and affinity for her.

“I would argue that when we are honest about our own subjectivity/locations, when we strive to understand the emotional/physical space we inhabit at any given moment, when we acknowledge our own unique vantage points, we may more fully approach other humans and the life situations we face, not to mention what we read or see, with our full hearts, our powers of empathy, our renewed ability to connect. This, all of this, is what swells up, what I am reminded of, when I bring myself to Christine Bettis’ Burnout Paradise.”

I’ve been warring with myself all year, and feeling like a real monster, so for my writing to stir openness and empathy in a reader…is something like redemption for both of us.

Read Drai’s full review here.

*Featured image is a self-portrait Drai took in Koblenz, Germany, where the Rhine and the Moselle rivers meet.


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