Summer News

My poem “After the Flood” was published in NILVX: A Book of Magic’s Tarot Series issue. This poem reflects the Judgement card: the vulnerability of the forgotten and guilty seeking redemption; the duplicity of the water as an agent of disaster and rebirth; Gabriel’s carmine light; irrevocability, and the forced reflection that follows mistakes, failure, and loss.

“Water & Unanswerable Objects” a photography series of color, light, water, and mystery in the desert, was published by Alexandria Quarterly.

Deluge published two of my most-loved-poems: “Cathedral Gorge” and “Water-Fearing”. Read here.

Amazon’s Day One will publish my poem “Parties” along with a writer’s questionnaire, in an upcoming issue! Link coming soon.

I’m grateful for those orgs and individuals out there that are publishing and reading my work! I’d love to connect. Send me a message or something.


Summer high: seeing the solar eclipse in totality, in rural Tennessee, with my family. Summer low: Vegas is a depressing inferno and so is Trump’s America.




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